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Genuine Stamped Asphalt

StreetHeat Infrared Asphalt Heaters

Established in 1992 Integrated Paving Concepts has been the industry leader in decorative stamped asphalt and patterned paving products. Manufacturers of StreetPrint® asphalt stamping templates, StreetHeat - asphalt infrared reheat equipment, tooling and asphalt coating sprayers.

Integrated Paving Concepts’ market proven product solutions enable any installer to profitably expand their service offering to residential, commercial and municipal property owners of all types with cost effective, low maintenance, fit for purpose, decorative and pattern paving options.

Our Brands

StreetPrint® asphalt stamping cable templates for pattern paving and stamping asphalt are hand welded with unique 3/8” swayged wire for better longevity.

StreetHeat™   infrared reheat equipment for asphalt has innovative reciprocating heater banks that allows the use of efficient, high-intensity true IR stainless steel alloy heaters to reheat asphalt surfaces without damage as well as to melt thermoplastics.

StreetPrint® is proven in over 30 countries worldwide in all type of climates and extremes.